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Our Recommendation

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you share it with a loved one with coffee or juice, it becomes the most beautiful meal.

The day is known by the morning, so a high-quality breakfast, in addition to its nutritional value, is useful for the functioning of your body during the day, and if it is tasty, it can also make the start of the day better.

Our story

A completely different, creative and imaginative, new place in Novi Sad.

Therefore, the very center of the city, the impersonal building where NS Bazar and the cinema are at its end, acquires a completely new dimension in a reduced, yet quite playful space in which attention is equally captured by a series of charming details, as well as a showcase with homemade breads, homemade strudels, as and a series of effective sandwiches.

All this was joined by freshly squeezed juices, flavored lemonades, and when you take the menu ... the magic continues and unfolds. Leaving the sandwiches for a "faster arrival" (although the entire offer is also available in the "takeaway" option).

So: fresh in every aspect and every detail, completely new and informal, yet very high quality, different and exactly as it is written in the Kombinat's slogan: "food made with care".

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